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Please, remove the 'Your PC Has Errors!' thing on the top of your website, and remove the annoying 'WAIT MAYBE I CAN GET U DISCOUNT' popup on your website, too. It will not attract any customers. In fact, it scared me away from using this program.

As everyone knows, Registry cleaners are very risky to trust. It's like giving your computer to the program, and it could easily just erase all the data in there or change all the values to "Null" or something. Why would I give my computer to a program that gives me fake data about my PC being infected the second I go onto the webpage? Why give your computer to a website that uses improper grammar when they claim their associate will give you an additional 15% discount? This could be the best program of all time, but I wouldn't lay a finger on it until I know I can trust them with MY data and MY registry.

SkippyElectrochomp , 07.07.2010, 08:17
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